Email Marketing: Disney Store

In our class this week, we discussed email marketing. Although this is not an analysis of a site related to music, the purpose of my blog, it’s my second favorite interest: Disney. Professor Pepe instructed us to look into an email list that we signed up for and discuss their effective email marketing. I chose the Disney Store.

I signed up for this email list mainly because I enjoy going to Disney each year with my family. Since my parents are huge fans of Disney, I tend to buy them Disney products for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas. I receive emails from them once a day. I look at about 75% of the emails I receive.

The subject line of the first email is “Our SALE’s on sale! Up to 60% Off, 4 Days Only.” This enticed me to open up the email because not only does it say sale, but it is in all capital letters, grabbing my attention. It also says “4 days only,” which makes me want to see what is there in case I want to purchase anything before it is too late. The content somewhat matches the subject line. Right when you open the email, there is the promotional code that will give you the chance to save up to 60% if you take an extra 25% off with their promotional code. Below is the content of the email when you first click on it:

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 1.41.17 PM.jpg

The call to action is to purchase items that are a part of this sale before the 4 day sale is over. I believe this is effective because I like to take advantages of sales before it is too late. I actually clicked the first link and looked through their items.I think that the quantity of this email is inappropriate. There is too much information. Below is the rest of the email if you kept scrolling through after this original ad. I did not include all of them, but they have multiple links similar to the ones below that will bring you to different products and categories. This could take purchases away from the main idea of the ad.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 3.02.06 PM.png



The subject line of the second email I looked at is “Latest Trend: Disney Parks Limited Release Items.” This enticed me to open up the email because, as a consumer, I would want to know what the “latest trends” are in order to stay informed. Consumers have a fear of missing out, therefore want to be updated on the latest trends in order to fit in. I was also enticed by “limited release items” since it provides a sense of scarcity, making me want to see what these items are in case I want to purchase them while they’re available. The content does match the subject line. The first thing you see when you open up the email is a shirt that is part of these limited items. They also provided a link to the rest of their selection. Below is the main email content:



The call to action is to purchase one of these limited release items before they remove them from their store, which they do all the time. They’re always adding new items and taking others off. I think this email is appropriate. There is not too much content. They could add more to this email, but I think it is appropriate.

I believe both of these emails accomplish its objective: to get the consumers that are on their mailing lists to at least open their emails. I think the majority of them will also open the link, like me, just because these emails are for limited time only items as well as up to 60% off on items that can be very expensive. I think both of these emails were sent to their entire database because they are very broad.

I believe the next email from this site should be for Father’s Day, which is June 18th. They should focus their products for adult men in order for families to purchase items for this upcoming special occasion. I know my family and I will be purchasing from this store for my dad.