Website Traffic, Conversion and Revenue Analysis: Guitar Center

GCIn our digital marketing class with Professor Pepe, we are learning how to analyze the success of websites. You can visit his blog here. There are three important factors when looking at the success of a website. These three factors are website traffic, conversion and revenue maximization. The website I chose to analyze is We were instructed to choose a retailer or wholesaler that is consistent with our blogs.

The first thing I looked at was website traffic. This is the amount of people visiting a website. This can include direct traffic, referral traffic, and search traffic. Direct traffic is someone familiar with a website and types the URL in to go to this website. Guitar Center has direct traffic mostly from regular customers such as musicians. Referral traffic is when someone clicks on a link to a website on another site. For example, sometimes when I’m on Facebook I will get advertisements for Guitar Center. If I click on this ad, then I will be brought to their website. Guitar Center actually has unpaid refer all traffic. This is from their email list, as well as their social media accounts. They have accounts on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Unpaid referral is free advertising, which can be from email listings or social media, as mentioned before. Search traffic is when someone clicks on a link to a website on a search engine results page, or what we call in our class, a SERP. If you search “guitar” on Google, Guitar Center will come up. The first link for their website is an inorganic search result. This means that they pay for this advertisement to appear. There are also organic search results for Guitar Center. This means that they are unpaid links to their site. The first two results after their advertisement are also their website. This means that they are getting high search traffic.

The next thing I looked at was conversion. This is when you get visitors who click on your link to actually purchase one of your products or services. Guitar Center has a high conversion for existing customers. Their conversions are successful because of their prominent “add to cart” button, making it easy and fast to add products. Their site also provides quick view of products, information and reviews, as well as a short transaction process. The checkout process is faster if you are an existing customer with an account. Their site says under the sign up for an account that signing up allows you a “faster checkout, order history, easy tracking and more…” You can see this sign up here. If you already have an account, it can also save billing information and your shipping information, making the process easier.

The final measure of success is revenue maximization. Guitar Center increases their revenue by providing reviews on expensive items, such as guitars. They also have accessories for their instruments, making it easy for users to just add small items onto their order. Their reviews also give consumers a reason to trust making expensive purchases on their website, increasing revenue.





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